Wednesday, 18 September 2013

college front cover magazine write up 3

The main image on this magazine cover is of a man looking directly at the audience which adds a sense of intimacy. The man looks comfortable with his hands in his pocket and a slight smile on his face this gives the cover a laid back feeling, bue he also has a serious look on his face which adds a serious sense to the cover. the image takes up the whole of the page and goes under the sell lines but over the masthead which shows that the creator of the magazine is confident that the audience will be able to read what the masthead says without having to see the exact letters fully. This man is also coloured which shows that the college is multi-cultural, this also adds a serious and sensible feeling to the cover.
The masthead i straight forward and tells you straight away what the magazine is about and is quick and easy to uderstand, which works well for the target audience. It automatically catches the audiences eye as it is quite big and brightly coloured.  This masthead is in big block letters that are easy to understand and read. It also links in with some of the other colours on the page.
The colours of the image is black and white but then the colour of sell lines are very bright a there is a range of different colours such as red, orange, blue, black and yellow which is a bit mixed match but by repeating some of the colours gives the cover a colour theme. By making the image black and white and the sell lines and other information in bright colours doesn't lett the audience concentrate to long on the image as the bright colours draw the audiences eye to the sell lines.
There is a slogan that says 'lifestyle' under the masthead. But it isn't eye catching as it sin't brightly coloured as the rest of the page but it is uder the masthead which is the first thing you read which brings the audiences eye down to the slogan.
Tyhere is a small skyline at the top of the page which a little hard to read and isn't very eye catching but it does have a bright colour which catches the audiences eye a little.
There are a few sell lines on either side of the page in lots of different colours, sizes, blodness and fonts which automatically catches the audiences eye. There are also a couple of small images in the sell lines of things that may be of interest to the target audience which also adds interest to the cover.
The layout of this cover is simple and easy but also eye catching and interesting, as the is an image in the middle which takes up the whole page and sell lines either side a masthead at the top of the page and a skyline above that. By using this layout it doesnt over power the page with information and put the audience off.

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