Wednesday, 18 September 2013

college front cover magazine write up 1

research, magazine cover 1
The main image on the front of this magazine cover is a medium shot of a student, who looks quite confident, smiling and is looking directly at the camera which makes the audience feel that they are being looked at directly and adds intimacy, also because the student is smiling it makes it look like college is fun and she is happy and by dressing in shorts and a top it shows the audience that students are comfortable at college. The image slightly overlaps the masthead which shows that the people who created the magazine are confident that the audience will be able to understand what the masthead says. The main image takes up most of the page, but in the background is a blurred image of some land with some trees on, the background isn't too blurred so you can still make out what certain objects are. This shows that the main focus point of the magazine is the student, which draws more students to read the magazine.
The masthead is automatically the eye point of the magazine cover as it is quite big and bright red. The colour of the masthead links in with the colour of the students top, which gives the magazine cover a colour scheme, but the masthead is a different colour the the other information which shows that the masthead is the main focus point of the cover and is more important than the rest of the information on the cover as it is a brighter colour and is much bigger. The title 'college' automatically informs the audience that the magazine is about college and just by looking at the masthead we know what audience this magazine is aimed at.
The colour scheme on this magazine cover is mainly black, red and blue. these colours go quite well together and present a good colourful cover. All the colours on this cover link together well and the red and blue colours of the writing link with the colour of the students top and shorts so everything links in well. The brightness of the red used for the masthead and the blue used for smaller writing is very eye catching and and automatically draws the audience in and stands out well on the background and all the colours compliment each other well which also draws the audience in as it is a presentable cover. the black colours used in writing doesn't stand out as much as the other colours but it sticks out on the background and gives the cover a sense of sophistication and formalises it which might appeal to some students, the colour black also goes well with the other colours on the cover, the blue, red and the green colour of the background. There are also splashes of white which adds brightness to the cover.
The layout of this magazine cover is well layed out and is very neat and tidy, it also is very simple and isn't covered with writing and information which may put a lot of students off as they might not want to read a lot on the front of a magazine. By making the front of the cover simple, neat and tidy and the writing straight and symmetrical and in line with each other draws the audience in as the cover is very fresh and straight to the point. On this cover there are no arrows, shapes text boxes, text in different angles or puffs on the page which shows that the cover is not overcrowded and gives the cover sense of sophistication which may appeal to college students and their parents, this could also show that the college is sophisticated and strict on learning which is good for education but also fun and comfortable with the bright colours and smiling student in their own colthes. But some of the information that is on the cover is quite negative but it may draw the audience in because they may want to read the gossip inside.
On this cover there are 5 sell lines which are evenly laid out and simple but straight the the point. The sell lines don't give out lots of informatin to make the audience curious and wanting to se the gossip. These sell lines aren't really aimed at a sophisticated audince it is aimed at an adience that is more talkative and interested in the latest gossip. These sell lines may out off the more older, mature and sophisticated audience and it also may put off students parents as it shows the negative side to college with people gossiping and doing bad things.

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