Wednesday, 18 September 2013

2nd college magazine contents page research

On this contents page there are three images of people playing sports basket ball in particular. These images take up most of the page and are the first thing to catch your eye. By looking at these pictures the audience can tell automatically what the conmtents page and magazine is about. The images have roughly the same colours in so none of them stand out in particular, although the top right image is bigger than the other two images which catches the audiences eye more and the other two images are the same size which may suggest that the top right image is the main image of the page. The images are labeled with numbers which link in with a selline which has information on the images and contents of the magazine.
The colours in this contents page are maily white, black and blue. These colours go together well and makes the blue stand out more than the rest of the colours which draws the audiences eye the the headlines of sell lines. The masthead is very bold and black and by putting it on a white background makes it stand out in the page, but also the blue on the background stands out and automaticallly draws the audiences eye to the sell lines.
The size of the masthead is the biggest on the page and is bold and stands out the most in the page this may also suggest that it is the most important thing on the page. The black and blue headlines are the next biggest font on the page bvut is a lot harder to read which shows that they aren't as important as the masthead. The sell lines are the smallest font and aren't bold which doesn't fill the page which too much information.
The layout of the page is very simple but effective, as the images explain the page and take up a lot of the room and are in three of the corners of the page. The sell lines are on the top left corner of the page and the masthead is also on the top left of the page above the sell lines. This way it is easy and quick for the audience to see what the magazine is about, and doesn't involve too much reading as this contents page is short but straight to the point.

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