Thursday, 17 October 2013

1st music magazine front cover analysis

The masthead on this magazine cover is big bold and brightly coloured it is quite easy to read as it is in clear bold font. The masthead nearly goes across the width of the magazine which automatically draws the audiences eye to the masthead, the masthead is covered a bit by a sell line box which makes it difficult to understand what is says fully but shows that the maker of the magazine is confident that the audience will be able to understand it. The masthead goes over the top of the main image which makes it easier to read, it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the cover as it stands out and its a different colour to the rest of the cover, but there are little bits of yellow that are less subtle on the cover which links the masthead in with the rest of the cover.
The main image on this magazine cover is of a singer called 'lil wayne' which attracts the target audience and goes across the whole page behind of the writing and one of the first things you see on the page. The subject in the image is wearing a black top hat with long curly black hair and tattoos all over their body and a lip piercing and they also have a silver necklace which catches the audiences eye, the image fits in with the context and style of the cover which also attracts the target audience more. The subject in the image isn't making direct address as he is looking down but adds interest and emotion to the cover. The subject is presented to be fun, proud and lives for the moment by getting so many tattoos and showing them off, they are also resented to be caring by having an emotional and caring look on his face and also sophisticated by wearing a top hat.
The colour scheme on this cover consist of yellow, black and white. Yellow of the masthead dominates the cover as it stands out compared to the background and compared to the rest of the colours on the page. There are only three different colours on the cover which is a good amount so that the cover isn't over powered with different colours but there isn't too little so that's its too bland although there could be brighter colours to catch the audiences eye. The colours in the main image match well with the rest of the colours on the cover but not so much with the yellow. The colours fit in well with the genre although they could have used deeper reds and bold colours which would fit in more with the genre.
The anchorage text is in white, big bold and clear font and goes slightly across the main image which draws the reader in it says 'lil wayne goes rock' which links in with the image and the contents of the cover. This text makes the audience want to but the magazine as it has new information on a big rapper and draws the target audience in.
There is a skyline at the top of the page for additional information and you can see that it is in white but it isn't clear and the audience aren't able to read it.
The sell lines go down the left hand side of the page in clear white and bold font, there are 4 sell lines with clear yellow lines under each one for a clear indication on the difference in the sell lines. The sell lines aren't all the same size but are the same font, on two of the sell lines there is a section of writing that is big and there is smaller writing underneath which links in with the sell line, which shows that the bigger writing is more important than the smaller and the creator of the magazine wants the audience to notice the nigger writing first.
The price is at the bottom right corner with the bar code and is much smaller than the rest of the font and is hard to find and read and may be small for a reason as the magazine may be quite expensive and the creators of the magazine may not want to put the audience off.
The bar code is at the bottom right of the page and is small and doesn't get in the way of the image or any text but it is noticeable on the page but blends in with the rest of the page.
The layout of this magazine cover is simple but eye catching for the target audience as there is a main image that is also used as a background with some short straight to the point sell lines on the left and a clear bold masthead at the top of the page. This catches the audiences as they can find out what the magazine is about quick and easy and the cover isn't over powered with writing.

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